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Types of Services Provided

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Hazard Tree Evaluation

Fire-Safe Preparation

Plant Health Care

Tree Trimming and Removal

Insurance Appraisal Loss for Landscape and Amenity Trees

Construction Consulting

Tree Preservation

Nutrient Feeding, Mycorrhizae Introduction,  Biostimulant Deep-Root Feeding

Tree Root Wells

Fire-Safe Consulting

Emergency Storm Damage Response

Court Expert Witness

Tree Inventory Development

Tree Care Consulting


Prescribed Fire Planning

Tree Disease Diagnosis

Bio-Fuel Production

View Corridor Enhancement Wildlife Enhancement Satellite Signal Tree Height Reductions

Tree House Construction

Zip Lines

Tree Swings

Bucket Truck Operations Spider Lift Operations Crane Operations
Cherry Picker Tracker Crane operation

Snow bowed Blue sky behind Able Truck
Stream at flood Before After
bionic2 bionic5 bionic4
Bionic Buster topping down 191 foot pine tree until 130' height crane can reach it